Theatre and Dance

Degree Programs and Requirements

The Department of Theatre and Dance provides a unique atmosphere in which students pursue studies in theatre and dance. A stimulating curriculum, taught by our faculty is available to students pursuing major, minor or general coursework. The department blends theoretical and academic aspects of theatre and dance with practical performance and production experience. Individual creativity is encouraged in choreography, directing, acting and design projects. A strong liberal arts foundation is provided through the College's general education requirements.

Requirements for each degree program are detailed in the Undergraduate Catalog for the year in which the student enters Winthrop. Students should read carefully and take responsibility for fulfilling all requirements.

The department offers a B.A. in Theatre with an emphasis in Performance, Design/Technical Theatre, Musical Theatre, or K-12 Teacher Certification, and offers a B.A. in Dance or K-12 Teacher Certification. Abbreviations in the Undergraduate Catalog and in the Schedule of Courses published for each semester are:

  • DANA applied/studio courses in dance
  • DANT theoretical courses in dance
  • DCED education courses in dance
  • THRA applied/studio courses in theatre
  • THRT theoretical courses in theatre
  • THED education courses in theatre

Not every course listed in the Undergraduate Catalog is offered every semester or every year. While it may not be possible to follow this sequence exactly, the sequence charts will aid the student and the student's adviser in planning a personal program of study. You will also want to obtain an "advisement checklist" from your advisor. This form has space for you to check off your degree requirements as you fulfill them.

View a course sequence chart for each program

Special Topics Courses

Beyond the regular course offerings, Special Topics in Theatre and/or Dance are often offered. These courses are designed to be unique opportunities and no two special topics will have the same course objectives or syllabus. Special Topics courses will be announced and described prior to early registration each semester. 

Independent Studies 

Students are encouraged to design their own academic work through independent studies. These may be scholarly or creative in nature and may be arranged for one, two, or three hours of credit. Independent studies are monitored by a faculty mentor and should be designed in consultation with the mentor, the academic advisor, and the Department Chair. Independent studies may be arranged at any time during the academic year.

Cultural Events Requirements

By graduation, each undergraduate student is required to attend three cultural events for every 20 hours completed at Winthrop University. It is the student's responsibility to make sure he or she regularly attends or participates in the approved Winthrop cultural events. Most departmental productions are approved cultural events.

Course Syllabi and Outlines

During the first week of classes, your instructor for each course will provide a syllabus and outline. This is a contract, which identifies the course objectives, grading procedures, and attendance policies as well as the schedule for class meetings and assignments. It is the obligation and responsibility of both the faculty and the student to observe the contract. The student should retain a copy of each syllabus and outline as a part of his or her academic records. Should you desire to transfer or attend graduate school, these will be invaluable in establishing your credentials. The determination of grades is the obligation and responsibility of the faculty. Grading policies should be clearly indicated on each syllabus, and communicated during the first week of classes. 

Class Attendance Policies 

Students are expected to attend classes and should understand that they are responsible for the academic consequences of absence. The student is responsible for all requirements of the course regardless of absences. (See Class Attendance Policies in the Winthrop University Undergraduate Catalog for the complete policy.) However, professors may establish more stringent attendance policies. This is often the case with studio courses in theatre and dance where missed work cannot be made up independently. It is the instructor's responsibility to inform the student of his or her attendance policy. It is the student's responsibility to adhere to the policy. 

Policies Regarding the Grade of Incomplete 

If a student desires an extension on completing a theatre or dance course, she/he should consult with the instructor. Please refer to the department's policy for awarding the grade of incomplete.