Theatre and Dance

Dance Program Policies

Choreography and Senior Showcasesin order to insure the quality of these productions, the dance faculty will review and approve all pieces for inclusion in the showcases.

Informances informal performances of works, works-in-progress or class works that will be shown in J235 or alternate sites.  Students do not earn additional academic credit (e.g., DANA 443 or 444) for their involvement with Informances unless the work is a project for another class (e.g., DANT 201). They are scheduled as needed.

Dance Education majors must adhere to the requirements and regulations as set forth by the College of Education, Sport, and Human Sciences.  In addition, dance education interns are typically prohibited to participate in outside activities during the semester they are enrolled in EDCO 402.  Examples (though not an exhaustive list) of outside activities would include:  participation in dance productions on campus; performing with dance companies; leadership roles in student, social, professional, or community organizations; employment.  Exceptions May be made through a formal appearl process.

Dance Education majors are reminded that they may have to travel farther than students in other content areas for their field experience and/or internship because there are limited number of dance education programs with certified teachers in school districts surrounding the Winthrop University campus.  Please consider the need to travel, relocate, and/or make special housing arrangements during the field experience and/or internship semesters.

The class, DANA 442:  Senior Showcase, is an optional elective for Dance Education majors.

American College Dance Association Participation:

Faculty and students from the department regularly attend the regional American College Dance Association (ACDA). When the department chooses to allocates funds to support this travel, the policies below will apply to the process.

  • The director of Winthrop Dance Theatre recommends the faculty piece to be entered in the adjudicated concert, and the Dance faculty confirms that recommendation.
  • The instructor of DANA 442 recommends the student piece to be entered in the adjudicated concert, and Dance faculty confirms that recommendation. Upon confirmation the department submits the information about these two pieces to ACDA.
  • For proper representation at festival meetings and appropriate supervision of the student performers, two faculty members will be sent to the regional festival.
    • First preference includes the faculty choreographer of the piece approved from the Winthrop Dance Theatre concert and the instructor of DANA 442.
    • If the faculty choreographer or instructor of DANA 442 cannot attend, the Dance Program Director attends as a substitute.
    • If the Dance Program Director cannot attend, the Department chair identifies a faculty member to attend.
    • The two faculty members will submit travel funds requests to the College. The department will attempt to cover any unfunded travel expenses for these two faculty members out of remaining revenue allocated for ACDA after all registration fees are paid for faculty and students performing.
    • Additional faculty that desire to attend must pay their registration to department by 4:30 pm on Fall Study Day. Additional faculty members travel at their own expense.
  • For students performing in pieces being performed at the festival, the department will pay their registration fee.
    • If the funds allocated by the department are not consumed by registration fees and faculty travel, then those funds can be applied to reimburse student travel expenses.
    • Additional funding for students can be requested through the undergraduate research office, and the supervising faculty members will take primary responsibility for making the funding application.
    • Additional students that desire to attend must pay their registration to department by 4:30 pm on Fall Study Day. Additional students travel at their own expense.
  • Additional students and faculty members have no guarantee of a ride or accommodation with the participating faculty and students attending the festival.