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Theatre and Dance

Assessment Data Bank

Departmental Assessment Tools

CVPA course evaluation form 
Student self-reflection assignment template 
Faculty classroom observation form 
Chair classroom observation form 
Senior exit survey  
College of Education--Pre-professional stage competency review form 
College of Education--Professional stage competency review form  
Summer orientation advising guidelines  

Dance Program Assessment Tools

Modern technique proficiency evaluation form 
Ballet technique proficiency evaluation form 
Fourth semester review--portfolio guidelines 
Fourth semester review evaluation form 
Fourth semester self assessment form 
Dance content knowledge examination  
Dance Technique Grading Guidelines 
Sample from among Dance Technique Sequencing Templates  
New Student Dance Placement

Theatre Program Assessment Tools

Third semester portfolio evaluation form 
Third semester performance evaluation form 
Third semester self assessment form 
Sixth semester portfolio evaluation form 
Sixth semester performance evaluation form 
Sixth semester self assessment form 
KC/ACTF performance response form  

Evaluation Rubrics


Choreography Final Project Assessment Rubric  
Choreography Audition Assignment Rubric 
Choreography II Process Evaluation Rubric 
Choreography I Process Evaluation Rubric
Dance Appreciation Oral Presentation Rubric
Dance Current Trends Portfolio Rubric 
Dance Current Trends Final Grade Rubric 
Dance History Bibliography Rubric 
Dance History Research Project Rubric 
Dance History Thesis Statement Rubric 
Dance History Timeline Presentation Rubric 
Dance History Writing Rubric 
Dance Pedagogy Teaching Rubric 
Dance Pedagogy Research Report Rubric 
Dance Technique Participation Rubric
Dance Technique Final Performance Rubric 
Dance Technique Self-Evaluation Rubric 
Kinesiology Oral Presentation Rubric 
Principles of Teaching Dance Unit Goals Rubric 
Principles of Teaching Dance Resource Portfolio Rubric 
Principles of Teaching Dance Assessment Instruments Rubric  


Acting I Monologue Performance Rubric 
Acting I Performance Review Rubric 
Acting II Character Work Rubric 
Acting II Research Project Rubric 
Acting Styles Peer Review Rubric 
Acting Styles Performance Rubric 
Acting Styles Journal Rubric 
Creative Drama Story Dramatization Rubric 
Creative Drama Narrative Pantomime Writing Rubric 
Directing I Rehearsal Observation Rubric 
Directing I Final Prompt Book Rubric 
Dress and Decor Research Project Rubric 
Principles of Teaching Theatre Long Range Plan Rubric 
Principles of Teaching Theatre Portfolio Rubric 
Stage Combat Written Choreography Rubric 
Stage Combat Unarmed Skills Test Rubric 
Theatre Appreciation Biography Project Rubric 
Theatre Appreciation Writing Rubric 
Theatre Appreciation Production Review Rubric  
Theatre for Youth Play Response Rubric 
Theatre for Elementary Education Lesson Plan Rubric 
Theatre History Summation Essay Rubric 
Theatre History Oral Communication Rubric 
Theatre History Final Presentation Rubric 
Theatre History Research Project First Draft Rubric 
Theatre History Bibliography Rubric 
Theatre Improvisation Participation Rubric 
Voice and Movement Structural NRG Rubric 
Voice and Movement Student Body Work Rubric

Last Updated: 8/20/20