Theatre and Dance


Interaction between faculty and students is an integral part of the learning process at Winthrop. Individual advisement sessions between students and their advisers provide opportunities for students to learn more about the philosophy behind the required degree program as well as career opportunities in their field. Through stimulating informal discussions, the advisement process enhances learning that takes place in the classroom.

The academic adviser's primary role is to help the student plan a course of study so that courses required in a particular program are taken in the proper sequence. The adviser also helps ensure that the student is aware of all graduation requirements. Advisers can also help resolve and prevent academic problems, often referring students to the appropriate academic resource. At the beginning of each term, faculty post the office hours during which they are available to the students they advise and teach.

A faculty adviser is assigned to each student during initial course registration at Winthrop. The adviser and student meet one or more times during each semester to monitor the program of study, determine appropriate elective classes, and discuss general academic progress. It is the student's responsibility to schedule advising meetings. Adviser lift registration holds each semester so an advisee can register for classes. Students can change their department advisor by making a request in the Department of Theatre and Dance office.

The Theatre and Dance faculty also serve as mentors to students and assist them in preparing for auditions, supervise independent study projects and internships, and guide them in planning career paths. All faculty members may serve as mentors.

The adviser also assists the student in preparing for the Senior Audit. Students should apply for graduation upon earning 87 hours. The application for graduation serves as the official notification to the Registrar of the student's planned graduation date and also generates the ordering of the student's Senior Audit. An official review of the student's record is performed to verify remaining degree requirements only upon receipt of the application for graduation. The Office of Records & Registration will notify students upon Audit completion through the graduation pre-clearance letter.

The pre-clearance letter serves as a written understanding between the university and the student of remaining degree requirements. A new degree review is required if a student has a change of major, minor or concentration. It is the student's responsibility to notify the Office of Records & Registration of such changes. If a student is not enrolled at Winthrop for one calendar year the review is void and will require completion of a new application for graduation. Students can access their unofficial transcripts on Wingspan.