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Winthrop Computer Music Studios Policies

The Winthrop University Computer Music Studio is a single-user audio production facility designed for the composition and realization of computer music. Lab access is limited to students studying composition who are working on computer music composition projects and to faculty wishing to utilize the studio for audio production or composition. All users must obtain a login from the Director.

Schedule: At the outset of each semester select students will be assigned four hours per week in the Computer Music Studio. You may utilize your studio time for any activity you see fit. Unused reserved studio time may be claimed by other users on a first come basis. However, if you claim someone's unused time and they show up during their allotted time you must yield the remainder of their time to them.

The Winthrop University Computer Music Studios adheres to the rules and regulations published for all Winthrop University Computer labs.

For a complete list of university-wide computer lab regulations visit the Winthrop University Information Technology Policies page. Many of the University-wide rules are duplicated in the list below.

Winthrop University Computer Music Studio Rules and Policies. 

Do not download or install any software. This includes email and chat software such as AOL, Instant Messenger, or games.

NO PORN. State law prohibits the display of pornographic material in public places. The Computer Music Studio is a public access lab, do not access any web pages you would not want a child to see.

No food or drinks in the Studio.

Be considerate of your neighbors on the 3rd floor and keep the noise level at a minimum.

Save all your work to removable media or your Z: drive. Do NOT save work to the local hard drive. The computers in the studio are purged at the conclusion of each semester.

Do not make changes to the studio configuration without prior permission from the director.

Users not working on music homework assignments or music projects may be asked to relinquish use of the studio to students working on Department of Music assigned course work or projects. 

Lab attendants are not available for the computer music studio. Please help us to keep all equipment and software secure and functioning properly by reporting all problems promptly to the director at

Last Updated: 8/5/19