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Music Technology Facilities

Message from the Director

Music technology is integral to the study of music at Winthrop University. Freshman course offerings are designed to orient incoming students to the Computer Music Lab and build a foundation of music technology skills critical to success in our music degree programs. A variety of upper-undergraduate and graduate level courses integrate technology into a wide range of music activities including composition, arranging, orchestration, theory, and pedagogy. The Music Department is dedicated to providing students with cutting-edge music technology and the instruction necessary to ensure that they remain competitive in the technology-oriented musical world of the 21st century. The music department technology facilities include the Computer Music Lab, the Computer Music Studio, and the music department recording facilities.

Ronald Keith Parks, Ph.D., Director

Computer Music Lab

The Computer Music Lab is a fully networked 10-workstation smart teaching facility specially designed for students enrolled in music courses. It includes a state-of-the-art data projection system and full audio re-enforcement for all workstations. A variety of music technology classes meet in the Computer Music Lab. Note that a Winthrop ID is required for access to the library and to the Computer Music Lab. The lab is swipe-card accessible to music students, faculty, staff, and select non-majors taking select courses (by permission of the Computer Music Lab director). Patrons are permitted to use the lab when a course in in session, provided that a workstations is available and the instructor approves. During class meetings, students attending that class have priority seating. When no classes are in session students working on assigned music projects have priority seating over students working on non-music course related items (for example, term papers, internet, email, etc.).

The Macintosh-based student workstations include MIDI keyboard synthesizers, Audio/MIDI interfaces, headphones, and a variety of software supporting computer-based music notation, MIDI sequencing, digital synthesis, digital audio editing, digital signal processing, computer assisted instruction, word processing and data management, computer aided presentations, and internet-based activities. Follow the links below for lab hours, policies, and software offerings.

Lab Policies

Computer Music Studio

The Computer Music Studio is a singe-user workstation designed primarily for advanced electroacoustic music composition, interactive computer music composition, and score production. The single-user Macintosh-based workstation is designed for composition and realization of computer music and audio production projects. The Studio is available to students currently enrolled in music composition classes or by special permission of the director. Follow the links below for the studio schedule, policies, and software offerings.

Computer Music Studio Policy

Recording Facilities

The Music Department recording facility is designed to document performances presented by the department. Faculty recitals and ensemble performances are recorded and student performances are recorded on request. Recording or duplication request forms are available in the Department of Music office at Conservatory of Music 129.

Last Updated: 8/5/19