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Music Technology Facilities

The Computer Music Lab adheres to the rules and regulations published for all Computer labs. For a complete list of university-wide computer lab regulations visit the Information Technology Policies page

Computer Music Lab Rules and Policies

All lab patrons must log in using the musicstudent login. Do not log in using your WU email login. If you do so you will not have access to most of the music software.

Save all your work to removable media or your Z: drive. Do NOT save work to the local hard drive. The lab computers are purged at the conclusion of each semester.

Do not attempt to download or install any software. The student login does not have sufficient access privileges to install software. If you become aware of a software package that you feel would be a useful addition to the lab please notify the director and purchase/installation of the software will be given thorough consideration. Games will not be installed on Computer Music Lab Machines.

NO PORN. State law prohibits the display of pornographic material in public places. The Computer Music Lab is a public access lab, do not access any web pages you would not want a child to see.

No food or drinks in the lab. 

Be considerate of other lab patrons and keep the noise level at a minimum. Do not use cell phones, avoid loud conversations, and do not play music through the computer speakers. Headphones are to be used at all times.

Do NOT attempt to make changes to the computers appearance, hardware configuration, or software. The student login does not have sufficient access privileges to make these changes.

Patrons are permitted to use the lab when a course in in session, provided that a workstations is available and the instructor approves. During class meetings, students attending that class have priority seating. When no classes are in session students working on assigned music projects have priority seating over students working on non-music course related items (for example, term papers, internet, email, etc.).

Last Updated: 8/5/19