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Guitar Ensembles

Dr. L.H. Dickert, Director

The Guitar Ensembles (MUSA 168/668) at Winthrop have been actively performing both on and off campus since 1992 and are dedicated to presenting quality performances of guitar ensemble music. These ensembles, under the direction of Dr. L. H. Dickert, provide students the opportunity to exercise a wide array of skills necessary for performing musicians. These ensembles are offered for credit and are a requirement for all guitar majors.

Dr. Dickert has arranged the majority of charts for the jazz guitar ensembles which has contributed to an extensive catalog. If you have an interest in purchasing ensemble charts, please e-mail him for additional information.

There are two types of guitar ensemble formats: jazz guitar ensembles and classical guitar ensembles.

Jazz Guitar Ensembles are comprised of four, five, or six guitarists who must be able to read, comp, and improvise. In performance, each ensemble is accompanied by a two-piece rhythm section consisting of a bassist and drummer. Each ensemble rehearses regularly each week and presents a concert each semester. Occasionally guest artists appear with these groups and usually conduct master classes on the afternoon of the concert. In addition to the regularly scheduled on-campus concerts there also are opportunities for off-campus performances.

Classical Guitar Ensembles vary depending upon student enrollment, but typically consist of a trio, quartet, or quintet. Repertoire is drawn from Renaissance to contemporary styles, and a concert is presented each semester.

Enrollment and participation in the Guitar Ensembles is a requisite for all guitar majors. Other students with strong guitar backgrounds are invited to contact Dr. Dickert before registering for Guitar Ensembles (MUSA 168/668). Auditions are optional at the discretion of the director.

Last Updated: 8/5/19