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Brass Ensembles

Brass Ensembles at Winthrop take a variety of forms: from small chamber groups (brass quintets, tuba/euphonium quartet), to like-instrument ensembles (trombone choir, trumpet choir), to a large brass band. The smaller groups focus on self-conducted rehearsals with regular coaching from a faculty member. Through exposure to demanding repertoire and the unique challenges brass players face, students grow musically and technically throughout the semester.

Each ensemble performs on campus and frequently in off-campus venues as well. Many of the ensembles work towards the goal of entering into national and international competitions held by organizations like: the International Trumpet Guild, International Horn Society, International Trombone Association, International Tuba and Euphonium Association, Southeast Horn Workshop, American Trombone Workshop, International Women's Brass Conference, etc.


Last Updated: 8/5/19