Welcome, Winthrop University Alumni Music Majors!

Let me take this opportunity to welcome you to our newly designed Department of Music website. As you scroll through the various pages of the website, you will see how much your alma mater has changed over the years. Approximately 200 music majors and graduate music students are currently pursuing three undergraduate and three graduate music degree programs (BA, BM performance, BME, MME, MM performance, MM conductingwind or choral tract). On the "Upcoming Performances" link, notice all the activities and events scheduled for the current semester. Also, of special interest to our alumni, I would invite you to visit the web page for our newly formed Friends of the Conservatory (to be online soon). The purpose of the Friends of the Conservatory is to:

Communicate with the community, alumni, and friends of Winthrop through the programs of the Department of Music

Enrich the diverse cultural life in York and surrounding counties of the Carolinas by directly supporting a Friends of the Conservatory Concert Series, featuring renowned regional, national, and international performers

Promote the Department of Music in the local area and within the region

Support our music majors with increased funding for music scholarships (presently, over 50% of our music majors and graduate music students receive music scholarship support)

Assist the Department of Music in attaining the musical and educational goals we have set for the 21st century (including curricular, personnel, facilities and equipment).

Encourage membership in Friends

Support the Department of Music with gifts and bequests to the Winthrop University Foundation on behalf of the Department

A long tradition of music has always served to educate and inspire Winthrop students. From its humble beginning as the normal school for South Carolina, Winthrop has recognized the importance of music in the education and day-to-day lives of its students. The Friends of the Conservatory will be your connection with today's music studentstomorrow's music educators and performers.

Find out more information on how YOU can become part of this vibrant group, (be sure to include your name and mailing address).