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B.A. in Art Teacher Certification / Kevin Morrisey

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Why Winthrop?

Winthrop University was the best fit for me, just far enough away from home, small classes, a great reputation for fine art and art education. There is something in the water over in Rutledge. It is a great environment for creativity. The group of friends I graduated with are all spread through out the country in various art and creative fields and all of us are at the top of our game. Many of us beat out people who went to fancy art schools for jobs. I credit this to having a balanced liberal arts education and having to work hard in our studio classes to earn recognition.

Why Art Ed at Winthrop?

Initially I selected Art Education because I knew I wanted to be in a creative environment and I wanted to have a job when I finished college. Once I got into the art ed classes and into working with young people, I really found a passion. Through experiences in studio classes, art ed classes, and working with young people, education became an important role in my creative process and art making. In art there is a desire to share stories, experiences and ideas with others, art education provides you with the opportunities exchange passions and ideas on a daily basis. Education has evolved into a continuation of my creative process and art making. Sharing, creating, and inspiring others to follow their dreams is what Art Education is all about.

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What you are doing now and how Winthrop played a role?

When it is comes to studying art in South Carolina, must roads lead to Winthrop. The environment at Winthrop allows for lasting relationships to flourish. These relationships have lead me to true friendships with artists and art educators and to Graduate School, Professional Development with the SCSDE, Professional Development in NAEA, SCAEA, as well as exhibiting artwork.

I currently teach visual arts at Rollings Middle School for the Arts in Summerville, SC. I exhibit my own artwork around the South East, and am working on my thesis for my masters in Arts Administration.

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