Facilities - Rutledge Visual Resource Center

VCD RVRC FacilityThe mission for the Rutledge Visual Resources Facility is to provide the appropriate technological and computing resources to support teaching, research, and creative production to the faculty and students in the College of Visual and Performing Arts. The facility holds computers and related digital and multimedia equipment, some periodicals and monographs, and various other equipment to support the educational efforts of the faculty and students. The two computer labs function as a combination of teaching and open access labs. In general, only one of the labs at a particular time is reserved for teaching use. When a lab is not being used for instruction, it then serves as an "open access" labs for any student currently enrolled at Winthrop. The facility features 40 Macintosh computer workstations, with appropriate software to support the needs of CVPA students.

The facility also features a variety of high resolution scanning and output devices, as well as a limited supply of digital cameras which students and faculty may use. Besides computing equipment, the facility also manages various audio-visual and multimedia equipment used in support of instruction. The facility also holds basic reference works covering subject areas in the Fine Arts, Art History, Photography, Design, Illustration and technical manuals. Most books and periodicals about Art and Design fields are housed in the University's Dacus Library. Holdings in both libraries may be searched through Dacus Online Catalog (DOC) from any computer connected to the university's central computer cluster.