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Cultural Events

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find out my current cultural events total and how many I have attended?

Students may view how many cultural events they attended and how many are required by logging into their Degree Works. Students also may login to their Wingspan account. Click on the "Student" tab, and a list of cultural events will be displayed on the bottom right.

I spent some time in another city (another country). How can I receive credit?

Read the information regarding submitting petitions related to travel experiences. Be sure when submitting a travel petition it is written up as one experience, but be specific about the places you visited and things you did.

I was only a few minutes late for an event. Can I still get credit for that event?

The rules on this are very clear. Even one minute late is too late. You must be there before the event begins in order to receive credit. The cultural events monitors are instructed that an event has started when a performer walks out on the stage, a curtain rises, a lecturer walks to the podium (or an individual introducing a lecturer), a film starts, a conductor walks out on the stage, etc. They are given the authority to make the decision as to when the event has started and they are also instructed that at that time they should stop scanning people in to the event. Please note: Any late arrivals or early dismissals will not be accepted.

My organization wants to sponsor an event and wants cultural events credit for that. What is the process for getting credit?

See the approval process for sponsoring a cultural event.

Who should I call to find out more information about an event or reserve tickets?

Each listing on Cultural Events calendar contains an extension phone number. This is the contact number for that event. Call that number for information about the event or to reserve seats.

Does the length of the Cultural Event determine how many credits I will receive?

No. Each Cultural Event is worth only one (1) Cultural Event credit, unless otherwise stated by the sponsor. 






















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