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Cultural Events


Cultural Events Calendar

The official Cultural Events Calendar lists all of the events for the current semester.

University Events Calendar

The University Events Calendar is a searchable version. You can search the calendar by date or event type in order to pull up a list of events specific to your criteria.

Guidelines for Attendance and Credit

  1. Credit for events will be given by electronically scanning a student’s Winthrop ID card at both the beginning and end of an event. It is the student’s responsibility to have with them a Winthrop ID at the event. Monitors will check the picture on the ID to make sure that the student presents his or her own ID.
  2. No event can be attended more than once for cultural event credit.
  3. Only one ID will be scanned or one slip collected per student.
  4. Students must arrive early to guarantee admittance. In the event of limited seating or space, admittance will be on a first come, first served basis. Students turned away will not receive credit for that event.
  5. Once the event begins, no IDs will be scanned or slips passed out - no exceptions.
  6. When the event is over, scanning of IDs and/or collection of slips will be done.
  7. Occasionally, an event must be canceled due to unavoidable circumstances. Every attempt will be made to notify students of any cancellations. However, no credit will be given for an event that does not take place.
  8. Once the cultural event begins, NO electronic devices may be used at any time during the cultural event. Any student caught using his or her electronic devices are subject to being removed from the cultural event and not given credit for attending. 


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