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CSL Committees



1.   The Internal Relations Committee is committed to fostering unity within the council and keeping the council up to date with campus events.

a.      Leyia Grant

b.      Isabella Rodriguez

c.       Ta’Niss Robinson

d.      La’Raven Temoney

e.      Kayla Dendy, Calendar Executive

2.    The External Relations Committee is to be a communicative liaison from the student population to the faculty officials. Our goal is to be receptive and responsive and promote the responsibilities of CSL. 

a.      Maria Clarken

b.      Lydia Prout

c.       Beth Warken

d.      Kiona Todman

e.      Quest Morris

f.        Mariah Landrum

g.      Eva Owusu

h.      Kionna Greene

i.        Anna- Leigh Taylor

The Traditions Committee is to uphold and enhance the traditions of the Council of Student Leaders to best fit the needs of the students at Winthrop University.

1.      William Stockdale

2.      Ximena Perez

3.      Peyton Richburg

4.      Jared Garrett

5.      Dale Fox

6.      Taylor Smith

7.      Lydia Robinson

8.      Kristy Campos

9.      Brandon Jackson

The Facts and Stats Committee of the Council of Student Leaders is to actively listen to the problems and concerns of Winthrop University so that we may better advocate for the campus community. We will do this by executing proper uses of survey research methodology, being transparent in our findings and reports, and looking at thoughts and concerns of the students as a priority.

1.      Kellie Cooper

2.      Time Smith

3.      Myah Spraggins

4.      Brandon Reeder

5.      Malik Frazier

6.      Brianna Gaffney

7.      Keva Jones

8.      Johnny Tenent

9.      Ravyn Cunningham

10.   Teddi Thomas


Council of Student Leaders

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