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Council of Student Leaders

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Meet the President

 Chris Pic 2013


CHRISTOPHER AUBRIE is a senior International Business major with a minor in International Studies. He’s originally from Connecticut, but calls South Carolina home. While attending Winthrop, he has served as an annual member of CSL and the Chair of the Student Empowerment Committee before taking over his current office as President. Aubrie is involved with other campus activities including Enactus , the TRiO SSS Leadership Council, and the Kappa Sigma Fraternity. While in high school Aubrie had the opportunity to live in Shanghai, China for almost three years. He hopes to bring some of the global perspective that he learned there to the Winthrop community.

Aubrie says that he has learned life-long lessons while attending Winthrop and feels that choosing Winthrop has provided academic, social and community challenges and experiences that will carry him well into life after the University. His current goals include continued help for those first generation university students and foreign exchange students who need extra encouragement and information to achieve success. By the time he graduates, he hopes to have made a positive impact on both the Winthrop campus community and the Rock Hill community.


Meet the Vice-President

Ian Deas

IAN DEAS is a senior Biology major with a minor in Chemistry. He's originally from Charleston, South Carolina, where he attended the nationally recognized Academic Magnet High School. While attending Winthrop University, he has served in several leadership positions in organizations such as The Gentlemen's League, Winthrop Eagle STEM Scholars, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., and also served as a chemistry tutor through the Academic Success Center. Ian currently serves as the Co-Chair of the Public Relations Committee of the Council of Student Leaders, as well as the CSL representative for the Student Allocations Committee. 

Ian's favorite quote is one made my Albert Einstein, which states, "Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile". Ian strives to exemplify this motto everyday through continued community service. Projects such as Boyd Hill Community Center S.C.O.P.E., Adopt-A-Highway, and Rolling in Rock Hill have allowed Ian to give back to the Rock Hill community. It is his desire to positively impact the Winthrop University community through being the Vice-Chair of the Council of Student Leaders.









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