Winthrop University: College of Education - Unit Assessment Committee

College of Education

Unit Assessment System Committee

The Unit Assessment Committee (UAC) regularly evaluates the capacity and effectiveness of its assessment system. The UAC is responsible for overseeing the system for data collection, analysis, and evaluation and for the use of data for program improvement for graduate and undergraduate programs in the Richard W. Riley College of Education. The committee is responsible for monitoring compliance with SACS assessment standards, CAEP Standards and program accreditation standards.  The committee assists in preparation of the CAEP Institutional Report and other College and program accreditation reports as needed. The Unit Assessment Committee reviews all SACS Program Assessment Annual Plans and Program Annual Reports and provides written feedback to program faculty on an annual basis. The Unit Assessment Committee also reviews aggregated unit data and provides written reviews to the Dean of the Richard W. Riley College of Education and other bodies as appropriate. 

Membership consists of at least one faculty representative from each academic department, one faculty member representing graduate programs in the college, one faculty member representing undergraduate programs, one teacher education faculty representative from the College of Arts and Sciences, one teacher education faculty representative from the College of Visual and Performing Arts, one faculty member representing non-teacher education programs, and the following administrators from the College: CAEP Coordinator, Director of Assessment and Research, Director of Graduate Studies, Director of Student Academic Services, and chairs from each academic department.  The committee has at least one representative from a school or agency partner.  The committee can recommend additional members to the Dean of College of Education.

Last Updated: 1/6/23