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You may pick up these forms in Student Academic Services (144 Withers) or simply click on the form that you need and print it from this page. Return all completed forms to Student Academic Services.

Student Complaint Form

To address and resolve academic complaints as quickly as possible, all students are encouraged to address their complaints initially to the office or individual responsible for overseeing the immediate area causing the concern. In a situation where the informal resolution process does not result in a satisfactory outcome for the student, he/she may submit a formal written complaint to the chair of the department. The complaint should be submitted no later than the end of the semester for which the matter in question arose. Please use the form provided below. The student may submit the complaint in a separate, narrative document, but it must follow the topics on the form and be signed and dated.

Student Complaint Form For College-Level Academic Complaints (pdf - 11 KB)

For non-academic complaints please refer to the university policy on student complaint procedures for guidance.

Change of Curriculum Form

This form is to be used when a student changes their catalog year or changes, adds, or removes a major, minor, or concentration area.

Change of Curriculum Form (pdf - 445 KB)

Petition for Exception to Teacher Education Program

Any student wishing to request an exception to stated program admission requirements, an internship admission requirement, or a teacher education policy must make such an appeal in accordance with the policies and procedures established by the Teacher Education Committee (TEC).

Petition for Exception to the Teacher Education Program (pdf - 68 KB)

Petition for Sport, Human Performance, and Consumer Science Programs

This form is used for any student wishing to request an exception to stated program requirements for Athletic Training, Sport Management, Exercise Science, or Family and Consumer Sciences.

Petition for Sport, Human Performance, and Consumer Science Programs (pdf - 67 KB)

Undergraduate Course Substitution Form

This form is for substituting one class for another to fill a required prerequisite for graduation.

Undergraduate Course Substitution Form (pdf - 49 KB)

Approval to Transfer Credit Form

This form serves as written approval of the student's advisor and dean's designee prior to registration for courses taken at another institution.  See Undergraduate Catalog for additional information.

Approval to Transfer Credit Form (pdf - 34 KB)

Undergraduate Youth Experience Form

This form, to be completed by the Teacher Candidate, serves as documentation of youth experience.

Undergraduate Youth Experience Form (pdf - 15 KB)

Schedule Change Form

This form is for students wishing to drop a course, add a course, or take a course on a S/U basis.

Schedule Change Form (pdf - 87 KB)

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