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Admission to Teacher Education for MAT and MAT5

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During the semester the graduate candidate will complete a total of 9 hours of graduate coursework, graduate candidates must be formally admitted to the Teacher Education Program. For admission graduate candidates are required to have completed no fewer than 6 hours of required education courses and at least 3 hours of content coursework. For formal admission to the Teacher Education Program, the graduate candidate must: 

  1. Achieve a cumulative 3.0 grade-point average in graduate course work; 
  2. Complete an application requesting formal admission to teacher education that includes an analysis of learning thus far in the MAT Program; 
  3. Complete a minimum of 25 hours of supervised Youth Experience with students within the age range of the certification level sought, e.g. grades K-12, 9-12, or elementary.
  4. Submit a program of study that indicates the planned semester for MAT internship. 

Graduate candidates may not complete more than 18 hours of graduate coursework without full admission to Teacher Education Program. When criteria have been met, the graduate candidate will receive notification of formal admission. A Teacher Education Program fee of $250 will be billed to the candidate upon acceptance. Additional requirements may be referenced in the Teacher Education Handbook and the Internship Handbook. 

When the above requirements are met, students should submit an application for admission to Teacher Education here that includes:

  • a disclosure statement concerning criminal/unethical conduct including any judicial or disciplinary action taken while enrolled at Winthrop University or another institution of higher education,
  • a dispositional review and reflection.

      5.  Once an application is submitted, students must receive a favorable recommendation from the following:

  • the office of Student Academic Services
  • a supervisor who can provide evidence of the student’s success in working with youth at the age for which certification is sought,
  • an admission committee comprised of department chairs from C&P, CLES, and his/her content area,
  • the Dean of Education or designee 

If you have any questions regarding MAT/MAT5 Admission or the MAT/MAT5 application, please contact Joanna Harris.

*You will be invited to a formal Induction Ceremony once you are fully admitted to the Teacher Education program. The Induction Ceremony is held once a year, during the fall semester.

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