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The Dalton and Linda Floyd College Readiness Program

                                        Floyd College Readiness Program

Position Description and Benefits     

Position Description

Floyd College Readiness Leaders (CRLs) will mentor high school students by serving as role models and guides in the college and career readiness process. After receiving training in leadership and mentoring, each CRL will spend at least three hours a week engaged in program activities at the partner high school. They will collaborate with the high school educators, assist in teaching segments of the high school’s college readiness course/s, collaborate to develop content and curriculum for the mentee population, and lead large and small group discussions with high school students. The CRL will also help host the high school students during the Floyd Day on Campus event each semester. Since the CRL’s will be full-time students, no additional tuition is charged to the CRLs for LEAD 120 or LEAD 300 courses.

Floyd CRL Roles and Responsibilities

  • Attend all required training sessions
  • Maintain a professional and positive attitude
  • Design course content and curriculum for high school students
  • Meet with high school faculty weekly to review lesson plan and discuss at-risk students
  • Assist high school students in navigating the academic challenges of college readiness
  • Collaborate with the CRL team and program director
  • Submit weekly session notes to program director
  • Submit all paperwork and assignments on time and with a high level of professionalism
  • Assist in planning and hosting Floyd College Readiness Program Day on Campus events
  • Follow guidelines set forth by the program director, the Winthrop Student Code of Conduct, and the partner high school
  • Perform other program-related duties as assigned by program director, Winthrop Faculty-in-Residence, or partner high school faculty

Floyd CRL candidates must:

  • Be a full-time undergraduate student in good standing at the university
  • Have completed at least 12 credit hours and hold a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50
  • Pass a SLED background check (required to volunteer in SC public schools)
  • Be available for mentor training on select Wednesday evenings as well as observations at the designated high school on select Fridays
  • Must have access to reliable transportation

Floyd CRL Benefits

  • Reward of positively influencing the lives of others by serving as a role model
  • 4 hours of course credit in the Leadership Studies Program during the academic year (LEAD 120 in the fall semester & LEAD 300 in the spring semester)
  • Floyd Program polo shirt and nametag
  • Develop transferable skills useful in reaching personal and professional goals
  • Develop strong leadership and mentoring skills
  • Develop interpersonal skills that promote positive relationships with peers (high school mentees and fellow CRLs) and adults (high school educators, university program leadership and other staff)
  • Potential recommendations from program director, partner teachers, and mentees

Last Updated: 10/14/21