Winthrop University: COE Faculty Profile - Tough, Chris

Name: Chris Tough

Title: Administrative Specialist

Education: B.S., Geology, Florida Atlantic University

Office: 106 Withers/W.T.S. Building

Phone: 803/323-2151



Area(s): My interests change as the seasons of my life change; so I watch, listen, and learn from Winthrop students to discover new interests and topics to research and explore.

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I was the child of military parents so I had the pleasure of discovering many places in a short time span. I was also able to hop from one university to the next. At Flagler College, I learned sign language and was truly convinced old dorms could be haunted. At Hofstra University, I put the most miles on my car going one way to NYC and the other to Hot Dog Beach every other weekend. Eventually I landed at Florida Atlantic University, graduated, married, and moved halfway back to Charleston – now here I am a Clover and Winthrop Eagle!   

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