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Dr. Mary Slade


Name:  Mary Slade
Title:  Professor
Education:   B.S. in Elementary Education with an emphasis in secondary English from Longwood College, Masters and Doctorate from the University of Virginia 
Office:  308 Withers / W.T.S. Building   
Phone:  803/323-4848



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Mary has taught in higher education since 1990; teaching in teacher education, special education, and gifted education. Previously she taught in elementary, middle, and high schools as a fourth-grade, gifted education, and English teacher. Dr. Slade served several terms on the Board of Directors of the National Association for Gifted Children. Over the past 15 years Mary has presented over 200 inservice sessions to educators in pre-K-12 education, as well as more than 175 professional papers. Mary has published widely including more than 25 articles, book chapters, and reports as well as three books.

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