Winthrop University: COE Faculty Profile - Ceaser, Tyrone

Name:  Tyrone Ceaser, Ph.D.
Title:  Assistant Professor
Education:  Athletic Training (Winthrop)
B.S/Clinical Physiology (UNC-Charlotte)
(MS)/Kinesiology (University of Tennessee) (PhD.)
Office:  216-K West Center   
Phone:  803/323-4647
Area(s):  Muscle Fiber physiology, wearable technology, energy expenditure, allostatic load (stress)



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Tyrone Ceaser is an assistant professor and stress physiologist. His research deals with technological advances in assessing human performance, and developing techniques to measure exercise performance and counteract stress. Tyrone has been working in the field of exercise science for 10 years, and has trained professional athletes, collegiate athletes, clinical patients, and special interest populations. He also blogs for various heath tech companies and maintains a wellness blog at

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