B.S. in Educational Studies

Mission Statement

The Educational Studies program prepares undergraduate students to be effective community leaders and educators. With a focus on culturally responsive practices, the program provides opportunities for self-reflection, communication, an asset-focused mindset, and examination of societal and cultural factors that impact student achievement, the role of literacy in learner development, and methods to differentiate instruction to engage and challenge diverse learners.


Flexibility and Choice


 Early Childhood








 Middle Level -


 Middle Level -


 Middle Level -     


 Middle Level -     

 Social Studies


Common Selected Minors

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 Child and Youth






 Human Development

 and Family Studies


 Social Welfare


 Field and Internship Experiences

Public Schools

Elementary or Middle

  • at least 3 courses provide  placements in public schools working in classrooms

Internship in Community Setting of Choice

  • independent study course¬≠ students select a community-based internship of their choice

Many Elective Choices

  •  leadership course focused on mentoring high school student

  •  course on practical integration of technology


The Educational Studies major does not result in teacher certification and instead provides a gateway to certification at the graduate level. Students interested in whether this is an appropriate pathway should contact the program advisors to establish a one-on-one advising session. Please see the Frequently Asked Questions page. 


Contact Us

    Program Director for Educational Studies
    Advisor for Educational Studies (Middle Level Education, Physical Education, and Special Education concentrations) 

    Kimberly Oxley

    Advisor for Educational Studies (Early Childhood and Elementary Concentrations)

    Sarah Marie Berry

    Chair of Education Core

    Advisor for Educational Studies Majors (Elementary Education)

    Bettie Parsons Barger


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EDCO 201 class


Other Information

    >Learn about how the content and professors make a course memorable.

    Educational Studies will prepare you for one of the two tracks for a Master of Arts in Teaching: Traditional Track (4 semesters) or Accelerated Track (2 semesters + summer).

    Some students want a career that is education focused but not in a traditional PK-12 classroom.