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2014 China Internship Updates

2014 China Interns

Follow Dr. Mark Dewalt and three Winthrop University students while they are in China!

April 7
I just returned from a very enjoyable time at the Far East International School in Shanghai, China.  I am happy to report that our three students, Ashley Crossland (Special Education), Matthew Neal (MAT Math), and Lauren Gabauer (Spanish), are all doing well with their teaching assignments.  The students and staff at the school are very welcoming and helpful.  In addition, the five international teachers from New Zealand and Canada that work full time at the school have been very helpful to the interns.  The school has very nice apartments on campus for international teachers and visitors.

The Far East International School operates very much like a small college campus. Many students live in dorms on campus during the school week. The school day is divided into 50 minute periods with many students having 7 or 8 classes per day. There are also evening activities for the students.

The school is located along two bus line and the WU students are able to use the bus system to visit a variety of shops, restaurants and parks. In addition the school staff has been very good about planning activities for the students on some evening and on weekends.   On our first weekend we went to Suzhou, the silk capital of the world. While there we visited the silk museum, a very large park and enjoyed a variety of dining experiences.  A photo of our group at the park with two of our new friends is attached.

During my ten day stay, I had the opportunity to teach five English classes to high school students, speak with students on an informal basis between classes, observe five primary school English teachers, conduct post observation reviews with the teachers, and give two lectures on educational issues and trends (one for parents and one for teachers). 

Dr. Chen, the founder and Headmaster at the school, was very pleased with the work of our students. Ms. Zhou, Principal, was also very appreciative of the work of our students.  The students will remain in residence at the school until early May.  Please feel free to contact me if you have additional questions.

Mark D.

April 1 & 2
We have been quite busy Tuesday and Wednesday. This week, I observed all of the English Teachers in the primary school today. I also graded writing assignments from the class I taught on Monday. I will meet with the admin staff tomorrow concerning the class observations.

Weather has been rather cool the last few days. I hope things are going well there.

Mark D.

March 28
Dr. Chen and the teachers here are very happy with the work of our students. 

Tomorrow I have arranged for a teacher to show us how to take the bus to a local shopping center. Thus, when I leave they will be able to take the bus to get anything they need for a reasonable price. Bus ride is only 25 cents!  After we get back we will leave on our weekend trip.

We ate a traditional Chinese meal at a local restaurant this evening with Dr. Chen and his family. The students really enjoyed this. The students have been invited to a traditional Chinese wedding in April!

Cheers from Shanghai,
Mark D.

March 27

Looks like it will be rainy today. Matt come up with a nice lesson for today. I think all students are now comfortable with their assignments. They have less structured situations so it will be a bit harder for them. There is a huge need here for English instruction so they will be teaching English.

I will teach one English class today for HS students. I then have a lecture for the teachers on American education. 

Dr. Chen will take us out to eat this evening. It will be a busy day.

Cheers from Shanghai,
Mark D.

March 26

Thursday morning here. Students start teaching today. It will be interesting to see how things go.  Food at the school is okay. WU students are not too thrilled with it.

I talked with Dr. Chen for an hour today. He is interested in working further with us in the future.  The Winthrop students are very pleased with their teachers and students.  All of the teachers I have met and the principal are very happy we are here.  The children are wonderful as well. We are sharing office space with three other teachers at the school. Each of the WU students has a desk. There is a computer here that everyone can use.

Dr. Chen will take us on a weekend excursion to Golden Cock Lake. It is about 1.5 hour bus ride from Shanghai. Should be interesting.

Cheers from Shanghai,
Mark D.


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