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Dean's Council

The Dean's Council in the College of Education serves in an advisory capacity to the dean in matters related to the ongoing work of the college and administrative policy. Dean's Council plays a key role in setting the vision and goals for the College and in using unit data to support continuous improvement of the College and its programs. The Council is made up of the dean, associate deans, department chairs, center directors, chair of the COE Faculty Assembly, and others identified by the dean who are in leadership positions in the College.

Costner, Beth
Dr. Beth Costner
Associate Dean and Director of Student Academic Services

Hamel, Erin
Dr. Erin Hamel
Director, Macfeat Early Childhood Laboratory School

Johnson, Lisa
Dr. Lisa Johnson
Associate Dean, Director of the Jim and Sue Rex Institute, Chair, Education Core

Jones, Marshall
Dr. Marshall Jones
Executive Director for Technology Innovation and Graduate Studies

Ming, Kavin
Dr. Kavin Ming
Chair, Curriculum and Pedagogy

Powell, Tenisha
Dr. Tenisha Powell
Chair, Faculty Assembly

Rakestraw, Jennie
Dr. Jennie Rakestraw

Schoepher, Kristi
Dr. Kristi Schoepfer
Chair, Physical Education, Sport and Human Performance

Dr. Pamela Wash
Chair, Counseling, Leadership, & Educational Studies

Wojcik, Janet
Dr. Janet Wojcik
Vice-Chair, Faculty Assembly

Last Updated: 8/1/19