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Physical Education, Sport, & Human Performance

Physical Education, Sport, & Human Performance

The Basic Instruction Program

Basic Instruction Handbook

The Basic Instruction Program is designed to provide students with opportunities to improve their fitness and wellness through instruction in skill and health related fitness. This program allows students to begin to meet the wellness goal of the University. The goal of the Basic Instruction Program is to provide students with the skills they need to participate in their chosen activity throughout their lifetime and to incorporate basic principles of wellness into their lives. Classes offered in the Basic Instruction Program all teach wellness principles as part of their required content along with specific instruction on fundamental skills of the chosen activity. 


Please choose from the following to assess a course:

PHED 113-001 (Disc Games)- Morrow

PHED 204 & PHED 207 (Skiing & Snowboarding)- Morrow  

PHED 117-001 (Archery)- Hensley

PHED 118-001 (Educational Gymnastics)-Thomas

PHED 120-001 Kayaking- C.C. Williams

PHED 120-002 Kayaking - C.C. Williams

PHED 122- Geocaching- Taylor

PHED 205-001 (Martial Arts)- Longwith  

PHED 206-001 (Backpacking)- G.Williams

PHED 221-001 (Beginning Swimming)- Deal

PHED 224-001 (Lifeguarding)- Deal

PHED 225-001 (Water Safety Instruction)- STAFF

PHED 226-001 (Scuba Diving)- Thacker

PHED 228-001 (Advanced Scuba)- Thacker & PHED 324-001 (Dive Leader)- Thacker

PHED 229-001 (Scuba Rescue)- Thacker

PHED 230-001 (Beginning Fencing)- Kamke

PHED 231-001 (Fitness for Life)- Rothschild

PHED 233-001 (Beginning Badminton)- Morrow  

PHED 233-002 (Beginning Badminton) - Morrow 

PHED 233-003 (Beginning Badminton)- Reeves

PHED 234 001 - (Invasion and Net Games)

PHED 235-001 (Tennis) - Jones  

PHED 236-001 (Intermediate Tennis)- STAFF

PHED 237-001 (Golf)- Thomas

PHED 237-002 (Golf)- Thomas

PHED 238-001 (Intermediate Golf)- Thomas

PHED 243-001 (Pilates)- Parrish

PHED 243-002 (Pilates)- Parrish

PHED 244-001 (Stability Ball)- Carr

PHED 245-001 (Water Aerobics)- Deal

PHED 246-001 (Aerobic Walking)- Worthington 

PHED 246-002 (Aerobic Walking)- Worthington

PHED 246-003 (Aerobic Walking) - Stewart 

PHED 246-004 (Aerobic Walking) - Stewart

PHED 246-005 (Aerobic Walking) - Stewart

PHED 246-006 (Aerobic Walking) - STAFF 

PHED 248-001 (Teaching Wall & Target Games)- Bryant

PHED 254-001 (Volleyball)- Reeves

PHED 254-002 (Volleyball) - Reeves 

PHED 256-001 (Intermediate Basketball)- Worthington

PHED 256-002 (Intermediate Basketball)- Worthington 

PHED 257-001 (Cardio Kick)- Rothschild

PHED 263-001 (Racquetball) - Ostlund 

PHED 263-002 (Racquetball)- Worthington 

PHED 263-003 (Racquetball)- Stewart 

PHED 263-004 (Racquetball)- Reeves

PHED 263-005 (Racquetball)- NOT OFFERED

PHED 263-006 (Racquetball)- NOT OFFERED

PHED 265-001 (Aerobic Dance)- Bell

PHED 265-002 (Aerobic Dance)- Bell  

PHED 265-003 (Aerobic Dance) - NOT OFFERED 

PHED 266-001 (Yoga)- Carr

PHED 266-002 (Yoga)- Carr

PHED 266-003 (Yoga)- Parrish

PHED 267-001 (Weight Training)- Ringlein 

PHED 267-002 (Weight Training)- Ringlein 

PHED 267-003 (Weight Training)- Carrell

PHED 267-004 (Weight Training)- Ringlein

PHED 267-005 (Weight Training)- Ringlein 

PHED 267-006 (Weight Training)- Carrell & Reeves

PHED 267-007 (Weight Training) - Carrell

PHED 268-001 (Soc. Dance) - NOT OFFERED 

PHED 275-001 (Beginning Running) - Jenny

PHED 282-001 (Rock Climbing)- Morrow

PHED 282-002 (Rock Climbing)- C.C. Williams 

PHED 282-003 (Rock Climbing)- G, Williams

PHED 282-004 (Rock Climbing)- G. Williams 

PHED 282-005 (Rock Climbing) - Morrow 

PHED 303-001 (Teaching Aerobic Activities)- Rothschild  

PHED 307-001 (Outdoor Education)- Morrow

PHED 324-001 (Dive Leader)- Thacker

PHED 361-001 (First Aid/CPR)- MW 8-9:15 (1st half) 

PHED 361-002 (First Aid/CPR)- MW 8-9:15 (2nd half) 

PHED 361-003 (First Aid/CPR)- TR 8-9:15 (1st half) 

PHED 361-004 (First Aid/CPR)- TR 8-9:15 (2nd half)

PHED 361-005 (First Aid/CPR) - NOT OFFERED