College of Education, Sport, and Human Sciences

Unit Assessment System

The College of Education, Sport, and Human Sciences has a Unit Assessment System that collects and analyzes data on performance of CESHS students, perceptions of CESHS graduates and their employers, and unit operations with the goal of evaluating and improving the performance of students, the unit, and its programs. The College collects and analyzes data on student knowledge, skills, and professional dispositions through a commercial data and course management system, LiveText.  A Unit Assessment Committee oversees the implementation of the assessment plan. The assessment system is designed to support the assessment requirements of professional organizations by which our programs are accredited and/or nationally recognized (e.g., ACEI, CAATE, CACREP, CEC, CAAHEP, COSMA, IRA, NAEYC, NASPE, NMSA,), the requirements of CAEP for College accreditation, and the requirements for SACS for University accreditation.

The College's Unit Assessment System has several components and processes. One part addresses the review of student performance data. Other evidence used to evaluate the unit's effectiveness includes information collected on unit operations, faculty and staff, and budget and resources.  College Annual reports summarizing data review and use for program improvement are submitted annually to Institutional Effectiveness in the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs.  These annual reports document review of data and improvements made based on use of data at all levels.