College of Education, Sport, and Human Sciences

Supervision - Early Clinical and Field  Experiences

Early clinical and field experiences are most often integrated as part of the respective course thus instructors are responsible for associated field components, which includes, at minimum:

  • Communication with host teachers regarding field expectations for candidates and host teachers; "checking-in" at least two times prior to final evaluation; and addressing challenges with candidate skill and/or disposition, as needed.
    • Name and contact information for host teachers is available through LiveText. 
  • Integration of field performance into course content and evaluation.

If candidates participate in a field experience during class session time, the instructor is expected to be present in the school for at least one hour for every three field hours required of the candidate (e.g., 18 total candidate hours = 6 instructor hours).


If numerous candidates are working at the same school, contact the school liaison (/ceshs/rex/partnership-network-sites.aspx) about sharing course information with the entire faculty and/or meeting with host teachers.

Offer to co-teach and/or provide additional information on the course content to host teachers (e.g., math strategies, inclusion research, etc.)

Encourage effective host teachers to consider becoming a mentor teacher (information for host and mentor teachers is available at /ceshs/rex/mentor-and-host-teachers.aspx).