Student Learning & Licensure (SLL)

What is the difference between sending for review and submitting an assignment?

Sending for review will not complete the assignment. This is a formative step to receive feedback from the instructor or other SLL users of your choice. You will not be graded on documents sent for review and you will not have submitted to your assignment.

To send for review, open your SLL document and click the "send this document for review" button.

You may see your instructors feedback and review documents sent to you for review by clicking the "reviews" tab from your dashboard.

Submitting to an assignment. This step completes your assignment and sends your file(s) to your instructor for grading.   You may submit to an assignment from your dashboard or from your course.

I have assessed my student, but SLL will not save the rubric scores. (faculty)

Close your browser and open SLL in another browser. The preferred browser is Google Chrome.

I would like to correct something in my submitted student assessment. (faculty)

From the assignment grading screen, double click the student's name from the green column.

Click the "undo" button. This will not undo your work, just unfinalize the assessment so you may make corrections.

Click "submit assessment" once you are done.

I have submitted my assignment and I would like to change something. (student)

You may be able to "retract" your submission. Open the submitted assignment. Scroll down to the very bottom and click the retract button. This will not erase everything you have done, but will allow to change, delete or add something to your submission. Submit the assignment when you are done.

If the retract button is greyed out...e-mail your instructor and ask them to send it back to you for resubmission. This button is greyed out once the instructor has looked at your submission or it is past the due date.

I cannot add another file or document to my assignment prior to submission. (student)

The assignment may be set up to only allow a certain number of file attachments. This happens most often when a portfolio is requested for the submission. Your portfolio is only one SLL document, but should have all your other required documents attached to it. Submit your portfolio and anything attached to it will also be submitted.

Can I send a file/document back to my student with my assessment? (faculty)

Yes, before submitting your assessment, click the "attach file" button.

SLL will not allow me to attach all my documents to my edTPA assignment. (student)

Your final edTPA assignment requires you to submit your portfolio, not each individual file. The portfolio is only one SLL document. Your instructor will receive any files attached to your portfolio.

My SLL account is not working properly, it does not perform as expected to my clicks.

Close your browser and open SLL in a different browser. Google Chrome is SLL's preferred browser.

 I created my portfolio, but now I cannot find it.

From your SLL dashboard, click the "SLL documents" tab. All your documents will be listed.

I do not see the edTPA handbook.

Information you will need to complete your edTPA portfolio is attached to your course on the course overview page. From your dashboard, click on the "courses" tab and select the course. It will open to your course overview page.