Student Learning & Licensure

Common Expectations

Rubric scoring levels must now be ordered from lowest to highest (see below).


Rubric assessment 'points' must be set using the 1 for the lowest level (first column), 2 for the next level (second column), and so on, to be consistent with EPP/university reporting practices.

NOTE: You can set different 'scores' for grading purposes when you attach a rubric to a template. In fact, Student Learning & Licensure will allow you to create ranges of points within each performance level.

Rubric and template titles must end with the code for the semester of creation. The rubric may be used in future semesters, the code is simply to let us know when it was created.

Sample rubric titles:

                       ELEM Lesson Plan 201780
                       SPED 235 Obs/Assmt of Behavior in Clsrm 201780

Rubric title conventions:

  • Start with the course: ABCD 101, or the program if it is to be used in more than one course (above example 'ELEM').
  • Short rubric name. Abbreviate if necessary and do not add the word 'rubric'.
                        Fall Semester:                                            YYYY80
                        Spring Semester:                                        YYYY10
                        Summer Terms (any session):                    YYYY50

NOTE: If needed, change the final '0' to track multiple versions created in a single term. Do not change the code for a new term unless it is a new rubric. Once published, rubrics cannot be deleted.

Add standards and choose 'met' or 'not met' for each level as appropriate.

NOTE: If the standards are not available in Student Learning & Licensure , please contact Alan Davis or Carol Adams AND send an electronic version or a link to the standards so they may be added.