Master of Science in Sport & Fitness Administration

Career Opportunities

What is a Master of Science in Sport & Fitness Administration (SPFA) degree all about?

The primary goal of the Sport and Fitness Administration (SPFA) degree program is to provide students with advanced study in the administration of a variety of sport and fitness programs. Students will acquire knowledge and abilities related to the effective administration and ethical leadership of private and public sport and fitness facilities and programs. Graduates will be leaders in the promotion of sport and fitness within the workplace and in the community. These areas include health, coaching, physical education, exercise science, and athletic administration. Graduates pursue careers in programming for environments such as campus recreation, YMCA/YWCAs, fitness centers, health and wellness centers, geriatric activity centers, middle/high school and university athletics.

What can you do with a Master of Science in Sport & Fitness Administration (SPFA) degree?

  • Athletics Director (AD)
  • Fitness Center Owner or Manager
  • Sport Administrator
  • Sport Marketer
  • Sport Event Manager
  • Sport Public Relations Specialist
  • Sport Media Specialist
  • Sport Facility Operations Manager
  • Sport & Fitness Administration Researcher
  • Sport & Fitness Administration Instructor

**This degree is also beneficial for Recreation Managers, Physical Education Teachers, Coaches, Physical Activity Leaders, Athletic Trainers, Exercise Scientists, etc.** 

Why should you get your degree at Winthrop? What sets us apart?

  • Personal Attention (low student-to-professor ratio)
  • Knowledgeable Faculty (most faculty are full-time and have terminal degrees — Ph.D. or J.D. — with years of sport and fitness administrative experience)
  • Student Directed Learning (students are afforded choice within the program to focus on their particular sport and fitness interests)
  • On-the-job practical Training and Networking Opportunities through Internships

MSSPFA Career Opportunities