Why Study LDT?

    Did you ever have that teacher who really knew their stuff but couldn’t get their point across? We help people get their point across. You’ll learn to help experts take complex knowledge and create learning and support materials that are easy to use by a novice. To do this you’ll learn how people learn and you’ll learn important design skills to help you create quality learning materials. You’ll learn instructional design, graphic design, information design, multimedia design and more!

    We do plenty of that! You’ll learn how to design and develop websites. You’ll learn how to record, edit, and produce quality video and audio materials. You’ll work with graphic design software, image editing software, learning management systems, multimedia software and more. But the best part is you’ll learn not only how to use technology, but how to use technology to help improve human learning! Check out our “Holiday Gift Guide” for more: Winthrop University Learning Design and Technology Holiday Gift Guide.

    A lot! We offer an excellent program for teachers looking to become technology leaders in their schools. You can also use this degree to plan for a career as a technology coordinator, an instructional designer, an online learning specialist, a learning development specialist, a learning experience designer, and more! We have graduates working in K-12, higher education, and corporate settings.


    You don't need an education degree for this program! We are an excellent graduate program for teachers and non teachers alike! We prepare people to work as learning and development specialists in EVERY professional education environment. And there is no GRE requirement for our degree.


    Our graduates work in schools, colleges and universities, and in corporate learning and development offices around the country. Here are some examples:


    • K-12 districts and schools around the US and internationally
    • eLearning Specialists for universities
    • Instructional Technology Specialists in K-12 schools
    • Instructional Designers in higher education and large and small companies
    • Learning Experience Designers for large and small companies


    Many of our students are hired while they are still students in our program.