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We always want to hear from our alumni! Use this form to update your contact information, where you are working, or any other news you’d like to share with us. We send out an annual LDT EDTECH Alumni Update.

We also send out e-mails about job openings, new resources, and other useful information to help you stay current in this fast growing field.

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How did we do? Are your feeling prepared for your job? Are you working in the field and things are going great? We’d love to get a testimonial from you here.

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What our students say

    "Had been working in higher ed for years, but hit a ceiling and I was stagnating. This program allowed me to shift gears into a booming field where I regularly engage in new and interesting things. It only open up countless opportunities, it opens up countless types of opportunities."

    "One of the best decisions I've made. The program is not too strenuous for working adults (especially teachers) and provides so much useful information for improving your teaching or opening doors to new careers altogether. Dr. Jones is sure to help you succeed. Check it out!"

    "The LDT program has helped me become a better teacher. I am creating more effective lessons, as well as applying the use of technology in a more meaningful way with my students."