College of Education, Sport, and Human Sciences

Field Experience (previously referred to as "junior field")

Definition: refers to a specific program-based course that immediately precedes the Internship I semester.

Purpose: the purpose of the field experience is to provide candidates with an opportunity to combine Education Core and program area content and skills. Success in the field experience indicates readiness for Internship I.


  • Admission to Teacher Education
  • Continued adequate progress (maintaining program expectations)

Course Requirements:

  • At least 25 hours of associated field work
  • Field Experience Evaluation as the key assessment through LiveText completed by instructor and/or host teacher (see /ceshs/rex/handbooks-and-forms.aspx).
    • See document for minimum passing requirements
    • Candidate must successful pass Field Experience Evaluation to obtain a C or better in course.


  • The specific field experience course for each program should be on file in the Office of Field and Clinical Experiences; contact the director should the course designator change.
  • Program directors should complete the "Field Placement and Assessment Request Form" (