Teacher Education Core

The teacher education core sequence is a series of courses exploring foundational themes across teacher certification areas. These courses are offered at the undergraduate and graduate levels to allow students pursuing a variety of pathways to teacher certification a basis for development as a teacher. Courses in the teacher education core are supplemented with more content and level specific experiences so that graduates are prepared to teach.

The teacher education coursework is complemented by extensive field-based experiences that allow teacher candidates to explore the diversity of our PK12 partner classrooms and learn from talented university faculty experts and clinical educators.

The teacher education core was established around the themes of differentiation; assessment; culturally responsive pedagogy; and professionalism and perseverance. These four themes serve as guiding principles along with attention to the Unit Standards, dispositions, and resiliency to anchor teacher preparation in the needs of schools today and in the future. 

Want to Learn More?

    Explore a general overview of the courses including same syllabi and course materials.

    These materials are intended for use to review topics from previous coursework or to better understand the content in each course group.

    Explore the standards guiding initial teacher preparation at Winthrop University.

    Professional dispositions are attitudes, values, and beliefs that are demonstrated through verbal and non-verbal behaviors as professionals interact with students, clients, colleagues, families, and communities. Graduates of the College of Education, Sport, and Human Sciences are expected to uphold the highest standards of the profession as they relate to other professionals and the constituents they serve. 

      The teacher candidate assumes responsibility for the learning of all students in the classroom in a caring, nondiscriminatory, and equitable manner and persists in effective learning for all students.

      The teacher candidate demonstrates a recognition of and adherence to the moral, legal, and ethical principles of the university and the profession.

      The teacher candidate interacts in ways that convey respect and sensitivity.

      The teacher candidate embraces the complexity of work through reflective practice and professional growth.


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