Human Development & Family Studies

Career Opportunities

Human Development and Family Studies professionals strive to improve the quality of individual and family life by developing and evaluating consumer goods and services; providing educational and prevention programs; and influencing the creation of public policy. HDFS professionals educate and influence others in classrooms, companies, and communities. Professionals work in the following fields: food and nutrition sciences, nutrition and fitness, human development and family science, education, hospitality, communications, housing, interior design, financial planning, and apparel and textiles.

machine, smallYour Career Opportunities are Diverse and Endless!

If youare a people person, like to lead and teach, enjoy creative thinking, working in teams, and public speaking, take pride in your organizational and presentation skills, and want to make a difference in the lives of children and families

You could create new products for consumers; provide customer services in hospitality industries; counsel others in health and fitness; train and retrain employees for the workforce; write and deliver consumer information on the Web and for print media; provide financial guidance services; serve youth and families through government and community agencies; and so much more!

"HDFS is concerned with education and prevention. I have learned how to integrate knowledge- psychology, sociology, foods and nutrition, social work, health, business, and education- to improve the lives of individuals, families, and communities. HDFS studies are focused in areas that combine hands-on experiences with current technology. My options after graduation were many."

-Christine McLeod, FACS Alumni
Graduate Student in Community Counseling