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Service Learning

Ever want to see what you are learning in class happen in the real world?

You can participate in Service Learning and gain direct experience working on the same content, ideas, and issues discussed in class through community service. With the support of Winthrop University's faculty and staff, you can build a meaningful relationship with a community organization. The relationship is mutually beneficial — you help the organization meet its goals, and the organization gives you the opportunity to develop professional skills and contacts while applying your academic work to real-world situations.

Service Learning is a creative, thought-provoking, and exciting way for you to explore the social and political issues facing society and our community. It is an excellent vehicle to experience professional AND personal growth, better preparing you for your career and life!

Get engaged to your class, your community, and your career by participating in:

  • Non-profit internships
  • Service learning abroad
  • Service learning courses
  • Individualized service learning experiences

If you want to talk more about Service Learning, please to schedule an appointment.We can help you connect with the appropriate resources on campus and in the community.

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Last Updated: 12/4/19