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Full-Time Jobs

Can it already be time to start looking for a full-time job? Didn't you just attend orientation?

Time really does fly in college, and it's never too soon to start thinking about what's next for you once you walk across that stage for your diploma. You do not want to wait until the last minute to start your full-time job search and CCE is here to help you!

To start your job search, utilize Winthrop's online jobsite, EAGLElink. As a Winthrop student, you automatically have an account, but if you need help logging in or forgot your password, check out our EAGLElink Guide (pdf — 367 kb) for assistance.

You also can schedule an appointment with one of the CCE staff for one-on-one assistance with your job search. Whether you have already figured out the type of job you want or you really feel clueless about the right career path for you — we can help! We can give you resources to expand your network, tips to take your résumé and cover letter to the next level, and help prepare you for upcoming interviews!

Need more resources? Check out our Helpful Links. You'll find additional job search sites, information on different career fields, salary research tools, and much more.

DISCLAIMER:  Job Postings (Beware of Scams/Protect your safety)

Career and Civic Engagement offers EAGLElink and the Opportunity List as a resource for employers and community partners to connect with WU students and alumni seeking volunteer experience, internships, part-time jobs, and full-time positions. Please note that the presence of job announcements on any website or listserve maintained by Career and Civic Engagement does not indicate an endorsement or recommendation by Winthrop University or CCE. We are not responsible for safety, wages, working conditions or other aspects of off-campus employment.  We can't do a background check of every single posting - so make sure you spend time researching before you apply.

Scammers create positions that look legitimate; be smart and never make arrangements with an employer that involves you depositing/cashing checks or putting up your own money. If an employer EVER asks you to deposit money, send a check or buy something for them - this is a major red flag.Should an issue arise that you feel the CCE staff should be aware of, please contact us at 803/323-2141. Check out our Guide to Employer Research and Scams (pdf - 391 kb) to learn more.

Last Updated: 8/1/19