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Intern of Year Pic 2013  Are you the next Intern of the Year?

Each year, Career & Civic Engagement looks for students who have had an amazing internship experience during the 2013 year (Spring 13, Summer 13, Fall 13 semesters only) and award a cash prize and bragging rights! Students can be from any major - but your internship must have occurred during Spring, Summer or Fall 2013 and it needed to be for academic credit at Winthrop University. Only current students are allowed to apply, but the award is open to both undergraduates and graduate students.

How to Apply

This award is self-nominated which means that if you think you had an incredible experience, you need to submit your application for review! Applications are due on Monday, March 3, 2014 to Dre Manoni in the Career & Civic Engagement office (Crawford Building). In order to apply you need to put together your materials for consideration (applications without all material will not be considered).

You need:

1) An updated and professional looking resume that reflects your internship experience. Feel free to schedule an appointment with Career & Civic Engagement to get help on this!
2) A 2-3 page essay titled: "How My Internship Impacted Me." This should be an interesting essay that talks about what you did as intern and most importantly - the impact it had on you and your career aspirations. Perhaps your internship opened your eyes to a totally new career. Maybe you went in thinking you weren't that interested and came out of the internship completely blown away! Maybe you learned some pretty amazing things at your internship site that changed your world view.

Remember, this essay isn't a research paper, it's a personal essay and we want to see your personality and perspective on the impact of your internship. This is your chance to "sell us" on selecting you!

For those that may  be wondering - use a normal font like Arial or Calibri in size 11 single spaced.

3) A letter of recommendation from your supervisor at the internship site you were at during 2013. This isn't your faculty supervisor at Winthrop - this is the person at the internship site who you were mentored by for your internship activities. The letter should be sent directly to Dre Manoni at or it can be mailed to Dre Manoni, Career & Civic Engagement, Winthrop University - 129 Crawford Building, Rock Hill, SC 29733. Your supervisor should use this letter of recommendation to discuss your character, the impact you had on their organization/department, etc., and why you would be a good pick for the Intern of the Year.


That's it! Submit these materials by Monday, March 3 and we'll review your application.


How do we select the winner?

Applications are reviewed by our Career Advisory Board members comprised of CCE Staff, employers and faculty. We will be giving the winner a cash prize of $100, and your will be honored at our annual Student Life Awards Banquet scheduled for April 17. We will also put your name on our Intern of the Year Plaque that hangs in our office.