Winthrop University: Center for Career and Civic Engagement - CCE Internship Program

CCE Internship Program


Thinking about getting an internship? Check out our video on how to get the most out of an internship experience, and the below general guidelines for our program. Get excited!

CCE offers internship search and preparation assistance as well as academic credit facilitation for many majors on Winthrop's campus. If interested, loook an appointment with us today for a internship consultation!


Students participating in the CCE Internship Program must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Be enrolled at least as a part-time student in a degree program while active in our internship program
  • Have earned 24 credit hours, including at least 12 hours at Winthrop
  • Maintain at least a 2.5 GPA while active in the program (unless permission is received from faculty liaison)
  • Receive approval from their faculty liaison to participate in the program (signature is required on Internship Agreement Form)
  • Internship must be completed during semester of enrollment (no retroactive credit or counting hours prior to Internship Agreement Form approval)


Our Internship Program will allow you to:

  • Build a job search network while gaining real world work experience
  • Develop job search skills which is an important head start on graduation
  • Explore choice of major and career options within a major
  • Earn academic credit toward graduation
  • Earn a wage in some cases - although this is never guaranteed!


The Process
To learn more about completing a CCE Internship, schedule a meeting with Tiffany Alexander, Associate Director for Employer Engagement and Internships, in the CCE office by calling 803/323-2141. During this meeting, you will have a chance to learn about internship options in your area, receive assistance with searching for an internship, writing/updating your resume and cover letter and anything else you need to find an internship. You will also receive assistance in coordinating your academic credit with your department. CCE works as a liaison between the student, the faculty liaison for each department on campus and the employer to facilitate the internship experience.


The Paperwork 

Internship Learning Agreement  (pdf - 43kb)

    • This form is a required step for your internship. Without completing this form and submitting it for approval to your department faculty liaison and the CCE office — you will not earn credit for your internship.   No agreement - no credit!

Enrollment in appropriate internship course in department for correct semester (CCE can help you connect with the appropriate person to be enrolled for your major)

Mid-Point Evaluation(s) Student and Employer  

    • You will complete an evaluation of your internship experience half way through your required work hours. Your internship supervisor will also complete a performance evaluation at this time. This information will be sent to your faculty liaison as part of your grade for the internship course.

Final Internship Evaluation from Student & Employer

    • Once you have completed your required hours, you will turn in a final evaluation of your internship experience. Your internship supervisor will also submit a final reflection on your performance for our review. This information will be sent to your faculty liaison as part of your grade for the internship course. 

Reflection Paper  (pdf - 19kb)

    • Once you have completed your required hours, you will write a minimum of three (3) pages as a reflection regarding your internship experience.

Work Hours Log (pdf - 37 kb)

    • You will enter your daily work hours on our CCE Work Log to document your required hours for internship credit. Once you have completed your hours, have your internship supervisor sign it for verification purposes prior to sending it to the CCE office. Do not submit your hours on a different form.

Additional assignments may be required based on your major.


The Experience

CCE wants you to have a fantastic internship experience.  We are here to help you every step of the way — so keep us in the loop while you are at your internship. We will check in with you officially at the mid point and end of your internship, but are here for you to answer questions, help sort out work conflicts, assist with difficult conversations, help you find additional work training, etc. Just let us know how we can help your internship experience be even better! We will also be in touch with your supervisor at the beginning, middle and end of your internship experience. So make sure you keep us up to date if contact information changes for you or your direct supervisor.

We look forward to working with you!

Last Updated: 3/13/20