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8 Semester Plans


The 8-semester plan is designed to guide students' planning for each semester in order for a student to graduate in four years, and it is helpful to have a tentative class schedule created prior to meeting with your advisor during the advising period each semester. 

It is important to know class prerequisities, which can be found on the class schedule page in Wingspan, as well as utlizing the Program Prerequisite Maps.  Some degrees require a student to follow the eight-semester plan exactly, especially in the foundation, core, and concentration courses, so that the required prerequisites for higher-level classes are met, and a student will not fall behind in the course sequence.

Note: Not all classes are offered every semester, so it is important to plan carefully with your advisors and faculty members.  

Business Administration
Accounting - (pdf - 70 KB)
Computer Information Systems (pdf - 70 KB)
Economics (pdf - 70 KB)
Entrepreneurship (pdf - 70 KB)
Finance - General (pdf - 70 KB)
Finance - Corporate (pdf - 70 KB)
Finance - Financial Planning (pdf - 70 KB)
Health Care Management (pdf - 70 KB)
Hospitality Management (pdf - 70 KB)
Human Resources Management (pdf - 70 KB)
International Business (pdf - 70 KB)
Management (pdf - 70 KB)
Marketing (pdf - 461 KB)

Computer Science
Applied Software Development ( pdf - 60 KB)
Computer Science - Starting with CSCI 151 (pdf - 70 KB)
Computer Science - Starting with CSCI 207 (pdf - 70 KB)
Cybersecurity (pdf - 70 KB)


Digital Information Design
Digital Information Design - Digital Commerce (pdf - 70 KB)
Digital Information Design - Digital Mass Media (pdf - 70 KB)
Digital Information Design - Interactive Media (pdf - 70 KB)
Digital Information Design - Web Application Design (pdf - 70 KB)

Bachelor of Arts in Economics (pdf - 70 KB)

Accounting Analytics (open to Accounting students only)
Business Analytics (open to BS-Business Administration students only)
Risk Assurance (open to Accounting students only)