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Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) Option

Undergraduate students may elect to receive a satisfactory/unsatisfactory (S/U) grade on a total of four courses throughout their entire undergraduate curriculum, and are limited to electing no more than one S/U course per semester. (All summer sessions together are considered one semester.) A satisfactory/unsatisfactory grade, recorded as S or U, will not be counted in computing the student’s grade-point average; however, credit will only be given for courses for which an S grade is earned. The purpose of this option is to allow the student an opportunity to explore areas of interest outside the major and outside required courses without jeopardizing the grade-point average. Students are discouraged from choosing the S/U option for required courses or for courses in the major. Students who are unclear about the appropriate application of the S/U option should consult their advisers. The four-course limit regarding the S/U option does not include those courses which are offered only on an S/U basis. A student must elect to utilize the S/U option within the first two weeks of a semester.  A student may subsequently rescind the election of the S/U option by the course withdrawal deadline (60% of the instructional days in the semester for full-semester classes). A rescinded S/U will still count toward the maximum of four allowed.

Quality Points and Grade-Point Average

To remain in good academic standing, a student must maintain a certain standard of excellence. This standard is fixed by the quality-point system. The grade received on a course determines the number of quality points earned per semester hour. Total quality points for a course are calculated by multiplying hours earned by the point value for the grade earned.

Semester Grade Point Average

The semester grade-point average (GPA) is calculated by dividing quality points earned that semester by hours taken on a letter-grade basis during that semester.

Cumulative Grade Point Average

The cumulative grade-point average (GPA) is calculated by dividing total quality points by quality hours. Quality hours are all hours of credit taken at Winthrop on a letter-grade basis. Credits earned by examinations, credits transferred from other institutions, and credits for courses taken on satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis are not used in computing a student’s cumulative grade-point average. Courses failed at Winthrop University cannot be replaced by transfer coursework.

Earned Hours Taken

The sum of the total hours for which the student has been enrolled at Winthrop plus all hours accepted by Winthrop as transfer credit and all hours awarded by Winthrop as Credit by Examination.

Quality Hours Taken

All hours of credit taken at Winthrop on a regular letter grade basis. All courses are counted in the semester summary of the semester in which they are taken and in the cumulative summary.

Cumulative Hours Earned

All hours of credit completed at Winthrop University with grades of A, B, C, D, or S; all accepted transferred credits and all credits by examination. All courses are counted in the semester summary of the semester in which they are taken and in the cumulative summary.

Quality Points

Semester Hours Earned times the value of the Grade: A=4, A-=3.67, B+=3.33, B=3, B-=2.67, C+=2.33, C=2, C-=1.67, D+=1.33, D=1, D-=.67, F=0. All courses are counted in the semester summary of the semester in which they have been taken and in the cumulative summary.

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