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Student Services

Student Organization Awards


Beta Alpha Psi

Beta Alpha Psi coordinates the IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program in the Winthrop community for eight weeks from February to end of March each year. This activity also develops student's tax software and tax preparation skills, thereby strengthening workplace skills. The University and participating students receive public service awards from the IRS each year for this service.


Outstanding Student Accomplishments 

 In February 2019, Winthrop University students participated in the Innovation by Making Things competition held at the Tech Incubator in downtown Rock Hill.  The Innovation competition, modeled after Kaizen, a Japanese concept of continuous improvement, provided a showcase for entrepreneurial talents in teh local area.  Winthrop was able to obtain two Fab Pro 1000 printers and resin from 3D Systems for student use as the result of a state grant awarded to the City of Rock Hill, 3D Systems, York Technical College and Winthrop University.  3D Systems also provided training on the use of the Fab Pro 1000 printers.  







Michael Speiser (second from left), a Digital Information Systems Design major at Winthrop University, won second place in the Innovation by Making Things competition with his prototype of an ergonomic keyboard using 3D technology 












Last Updated: 10/9/20