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Beta Alpha Psi to Sponsor Free Tax Preparations

The Kappa Rho Chapter of Beta Alpha Psi is again pleased to sponsor the IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program for the 2013 income tax filing season! The IRS, along with our student volunteers, will be in the DIGIORGIO CAMPUS CENTER LOBBY every Friday from 9:00am -1:00pm from February 7 – March 28 (except spring break Friday March 21 and on March 28 they will be located in Dinkins Lobby 9 a.m - 1p.m.). Informational posters are also posted around the campus in the DiGiorgio Campus Center (Starbucks and Post Office area), Dinkins (International Center and TRIO), Thomson (Dining Services), and Facilities Management.

Just stop by with your tax information – there is no need to make an appointment. The IRS will interview you, prepare your tax return, and e-file if you qualify. This is a completely confidential process between you and the IRS – no information is recorded or maintained or any Winthrop computer or database.

Below is a list of the tax returns we will prepare, what to bring, and what items we cannot prepare. You can always just stop by and ask the IRS questions to clarify your situation about what items to bring for the preparation of your tax returns. This free service is available to Winthrop faculty, staff, students and their spouses if joint returns are filed. For more information, email or Jane Maas at

The Kappa Rho Chapter of Beta Alpha Psi is an honor academic organization in the College of Business Administration, and its members are accounting, finance, and information systems majors. We look forward to seeing you over the next couple months!

What we will prepare:

• Form 982 Cancellation of Debt (limited)
• Form 1040EZ, 1040A, 1040 including schedules A, B, D, C-EZ, EIC, R, SE
• Schedule E – Supplemental Income and Loss (limited)
• Schedule C – Profit or Loss from Business (limited)
• Form 1040 – V (balance due returns)
• Form 1040 – ES (estimated tax payments)
• Form 2106 – Employee Business Expense (limited)
• Form 2441 – Child and Dependent Care Credit
• Form 3903 – Moving Expenses (limited)
• Form 5329 – Additional Taxes on Qualified Plans (including IRAs and Other Tax-Favored Accountings part 1)
• Form 5405 – First Time Homebuyers
• Form 8863 – Education Credits
• Form 8880 – Credit for Qualified Retirement Savings Contributions
• Additional Child Care Credit
• Form 8888 – Allocation of Refund
• Form 88889 – Health Savings Accounts (limited)
• Form 8949 - Sales and other Dispositions of Capital Assets
• Form 1040X – Amended Returns (limited)

What to Bring

• All Forms W-2 and 1099s
• Information for other income
• Information for all deductions/credits
• A copy of last year’s tax returns
• Proof of account for direct deposit of refund (e.g., voided check)
• Proof of identification for yourself and your spouse (for married filing joint returns, both spouses must be present)
• Total paid to day care provider and their tax ID number
• Birthdates for you, spouse, and dependents on your return
• Proof of foreign status if applying for ITIN

What we will not prepare

• Schedule C with losses
• Complicated and advanced Schedule D (capital gains and losses)
• Form SS-5 – Request for Social Security Number
• Form 8606 – Non-Deductible IRA
• Form 8615 – Minor’s Investment Income
• Form SS-8 – Determination of Worker Status for Purposes of Federal Employment Taxes and Income Tax Withholding

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