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Vivian Carroll
Name: Vivian Moore Carroll
Residence: Charlotte, NC
Affiliation: 1973 Alumna; President of the Winthrop University Alumni Association Executive Board

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Working for one of the first financial planners in the country during the 1970s in Tennessee, Vivian Moore Carroll ’73 learned about a field that has seen tremendous growth as baby boomers head into retirement.

As an assistant at Asset Planning Corporation, Carroll conducted research on clients’ stock and mutual fund portfolios and monitored their insurance and real estate investments. When her family moved to Charlotte, N.C., she stayed in the field, completing an M.B.A. and earning her certified financial planner certification. She worked as a financial consultant at Merrill Lynch until 2001, when she retired at age 49.

Now Carroll, president of the Winthrop University Alumni Association executive board, spends part of her time helping Winthrop students understand the financial services industry. She and husband Larry, owner of a financial services company, recently donated money to College of Business Administration students to actually invest in the stock market.

“Our hope is that Winthrop graduates will be prepared to compete for jobs in the financial services industry,” Carroll said, adding that fewer companies are providing in-house training.

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