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Why do I need to be advised?

Before you can register for classes, you must be advised by the MBA Office.  The Graduate Assistants who work in the MBA office are trained advisors and know specific details that will help you select the appropriate courses based on your degree program and expected graduation date.  Some MBA classes are offered only once per year; some classes serve as pre-requisites for others.  During advising we will look at your plan of study, when classes are scheduled, and help you select classes that will meet your degree requirements while avoiding time conflicts or prerequisite restrictions.  It is important to be advised in order to stay on track, complete classes in the correct order, and avoid any unwanted surprises at graduation time.

Can I be advised over the phone or through e-mail?

Yes you can.  Email us to get the process started, or call us at 803/323-2409 to set up an appointment to be advised via phone. 

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How do I change my concentration?

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Am I eligible for student loans?  How do I apply for loans?

For the most accurate and up to date information, we ask that you direct all financial aid questions to the financial aid office.  A lot of information is available on the financial aid website, or you can contact the office via email or call 803/323-2189.

How many classes do I need to take to get financial aid?

For the most accurate and up to date information, we ask that you direct all financial aid questions to the financial aid office.  A lot of information is available on the financial aid website, or you can contact the office via email or call 803/323-2189.

Are scholarships available?

Yes.  You must submit a completed application to the MBA director to be considered for a scholarship; these can be delivered to room 213 Thurmond building. The applications and details can be obtained from the Graduate School website.  Visit the Graduate School Forms Online webpage and then scroll down to Assistantships and Scholarships.

You will be notified if you are selected to receive a scholarship.    

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What is a graduate assistantship?

Graduate assistantships are awarded to students who are fully admitted, without provisions, to graduate degree programs.  A form of financial assistance, graduate assistantships require a graduate student to work on campus and in return receive a stipend as well as a tuition waiver.  To retain a graduate assistantship, the student must maintain academic eligibility and may not be on academic probation.  Non-degree students may not hold graduate assistantships.

Are any graduate assistantships available?

The number of available assistantships varies each semester.  You can contact the MBA office to find out if any assistantship will be available in upcoming semesters.  To be considered, you must submit a completed application to MBA director; these can be delivered to room 213 Thurmond. The application and details can be obtained from the Graduate School website.  Visit the Graduate School Forms Online webpage and then scroll down to Assistantships and Scholarships.  We encourage you to apply as early as possible.

If you qualify for an assistantship you will be contacted to set up an interview.  The results of your interview, along with your resume, recommendation letters, and skills will determine if you receive an assistantship and in what department. 

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How do I apply for graduation?

You must complete the Application for Graduation and submit it to the Records and Registration office, 126 Tillman, by the appropriate deadline:

  • February 1: deadline for May and August graduation
  • September 15: deadline for December graduation

There will be a $10 late fee charge if the Application is turned in late.  After the 30 day period following the deadline, the late fee increases to $20.  After you have submitted your application a $50 Graduation Fee will be charged to your student account.  

Is a thesis required to graduate?

No, a thesis is not required for the MBA program. 

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How do I get a parking decal?

Students can apply for a parking permit by registering online using Wingspan or by registering at the Campus Police Office, 526 Myrtle Drive.

Where do I park?

View the campus parking map (pdf) to see the available lots.  Review all parking regulations, and when parking on campus pay close attention to the posted signs to avoid getting a parking ticket.

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Why do I have so many prerequisite classes to complete?

Many MBA classes have prerequisites to make sure that you are adequately prepared for the class and set up for success.  In order to get the most out of a class and be on the same level as the other students, it is important to complete the required prerequisites.

Can I take a CLEP test for an undergraduate prerequisite course?

Yes.  A graduate student may CLEP an undergraduate course to get credit for a prerequisite.  A CLEP test is a standardized test that can be taken here at Winthrop.  If you achieve a certain score on the CLEP test then you will receive academic credit for that class.  Many of our MBA students do this successfully. 

The CLEP tests are offered through The College Board, the same organization that administers the SAT. Go to The College Board website to find information about what content will be covered in the exam, and how to prepare. They even have study guides you can download for $10.  Visit the Winthrop Testing Center website for more information about the CLEP tests that are offered, the required scores, the Winthrop course equivalents, and the registration process. 

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How do I register for classes?

After you have been advised, the MBA office will lift your advising hold.  Once the advising hold is listed you will register online via our Wingspan system.  Additional information can be found on the Records and Registration webpage.

What electives can I take?

Electives vary depending on the MBA program you have selected.  Make sure to discuss this during your advising appointments.  You may also review the graduate catalog to see the elective options.  

I am trying to register for classes but there is a hold on my account.  Why do I have a hold and how can I get it removed?

There are different types of holds.  If you have an advising hold then you need to contact the MBA office to be advised before that hold can be removed.  An unpaid account balance and missing immunization records will also result in a registration hold.  Please read the hold message you receive when trying to register and then contact the appropriate office for resolution.

How do I avoid cancellation of my classes?

All students must have satisfactory payment arrangements by the university's fee payment deadline in order to avoid cancellation of their schedule.  Classes are cancelled in order to allow other waiting to enroll an opportunity to fill those seats.  

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Where do I buy my books?

The campus bookstore is located in the DiGiorgio student center and can also be accessed online.

How will I know what textbook is needed for class?

You have the choice to go to the campus bookstore, look it up online, or contact your instructor. 

Will I get my syllabus before classes start?

It depends on the instructor; some professors email the syllabus out in advance.  Your Winthrop email address will be on class list-serves, so make sure you check your Winthrop email account regularly or have your Winthrop emails forwarded to an account you check often.

How do I start the petition process?

First, obtain a petition form from the graduate school.  Go to the Graduate School Forms Online webpage and then scroll down to Miscellaneous Forms.  Read the instructions and complete the form before submitting to the MBA office. 

What immunizations do I need before starting classes?

Visit the Health and Counseling website for details. 

How will I know about upcoming events or new information?

The MBA office, your faculty, and other offices on campus communicate via the Winthrop email system.  It is imperative that you check your Winthrop email account regularly.  If you are unable to check your Winthrop University email account regularly, then have your Winthrop emails forwarded to the work or personal email account you use most frequently. 

You will receive emails regarding advising, special events on campus, and internship and job opportunities.  Furthermore, the MBA office will send out a calendar each month alerting MBA students to events they might be interested in.

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