Winthrop University: CBA Faculty Profile - Stone, Gary

Name:  Gary L. Stone
Title:  Emeritus Professor of Economics 
Education:  Ph.D., Economics, UNC-Chapel Hill
B.S., Economics and Mathematics, Memphis State University
Office:  516 Thurmond Building   
Phone:  803/323-2235
Area(s):  Economics, Economic Education



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Dr. Stone is very involved with the teaching of economics, both as a Professor of Economics and as the Director of Winthrop's Center for Economic Education. In the former position he teaches a variety of courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels. In the latter, he conducts economics workshops for K-12 teachers in South Carolina and other states. Dr. Stone has conducted economic education teacher training programs in eight foreign countries, including Russia, Egypt, and Ukraine. He also is active in training Advanced Placement Economics high school teachers and grading the AP Microeconomics exam each year.

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