Winthrop University: Business Acumen Program Form

Business Acumen Program Form

Notes about Individual In Charge of Event
The individual in charge of each Business Acumen (BAM) program event assumes the following responsibilities:
(1) They will be in attendance at the event,
(2) They will notify the Director of External Relations immediately of any cancellations or changes involving the event,
(3) They will handle any discipline problems which arise during the event,
(4) They will supervise and limit the crowd to ensure there isn't overcrowding.
*If the sponsor of the event is not willing to assume these responsibilities, another faculty, staff, or graduate assistant must assume the responsibilities.

Information that will substantiate the event request will assist the committee in making a decision. Please complete this next session thoroughly.

Types of Events (On and Off Campus)
(1) Lectures, Panel Discussion, Forums
(2) Corporate Tours
(3) Conferences
(4) Organization Leadership
(5) Seminars
(6) Workshops

Event Requirements
(1) A speaker with credentials, reputation, and expertise in the subject area.
(2) A subject of importance and/or uniqueness in any business field that meets the competencies.
(3) Events must be open to all business students and not only part of a specific class.


Last Updated: 1/9/23