Winthrop University: Business Acumen Petition Process

Business Acumen Petition Process


Submitting a Business Acumen Petition 

The purpose of the Business Acumen petition process is to allow students to earn Business Acumen credit for events that are organized outside of Winthrop University and the College of Business Adminsitration in the current or previous semester.  

Petitions may be submitted by e-mail to Sarah Kesler or submitted in-person to Student Services at 226 Thurmond Building.  

All petitions are reviewed by the Business Acumen Advisory Committee.  The submission deadline for petitions is according to the BAM Committee meeting schedule (seen on the Home Page for Business Acumen).  


Checklist for Petitions

1. Completed Business Acumen Petition Form

2. Proof of Attendance (Examples include: certificate of completion, registration confirmation, or e-mail with survey after completion of the session)

3. A Well-Written Report (minimum of 250 words; may be longer) - This paper must be typed and should include a discussion on how the event connects to the Business Acumen Competencies:

  1. Leadership Skills
  2. Market Orientation
  3. Financial Acumen
  4. Strategic Thinking
  5. Analytical and Logical Thinking
  6. Computing and Technology


Decision of Petition

In all cases, once a petition is approved or denied by the Business Acumen Advisory Committee, the decision will be sent to the student by e-mail.  A copy of the approved petition will be kept by CBA Student Services at 226 Thurmond Building.  


Appealing a Business Acumen Petition Decision

A student reserves the right to appeal a decision made by the Business Acumen Advisory Committee.  Students may request to appeal a decision by e-mailing the Director of External Relations.  The Director will assist the student to being the appeal process.  

Last Updated: 1/26/23